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The first man

Posted on: April 26, 2008 1:10 pm

Still away, but still in touch with My First Love......

My mind drifts back to the question of the first man. Only two possibilities.....either man is man as he is from the very beginning or man is evolving.

If he is changing and evolving, then.....I conclude simply that there is no first man and no last he is a part of a continuing process from the speck of dust.....changing, evolving....from ameba to a more complex a primate....[as Evolutionists would believe] a humanoid a missing the first prototype of living man......evolving still....till now. That, to me is far fetched, if you read my earlier posts. Everything came from a speck? From ameba? To the cat, the dog, the human being?

I choose the production line approach.....the Daimsler, the Mercedes Benz, the Honda, the Toyota.......all came from one factory....with a big, big difference. The Manufacturere continues to make new models every now and then. I am not aware of a new model of man, being made by our Maker.

You guessed it!! I believe that everything must come from something ! Every complex item in existence has a mind, a creator, a maker behind it. Only thing, the Creator who made it all, stop producing since that beginning some time ago.....with a major difference. A mechanism was put into life, that makes it regenerate, reproduce, renew and continue being alive with the resilience it has.

Some species have disappeared - that's true, and some new ones are being discovered...that's also true.

But man, going back at least some thousand of years have been the same.

Intelligent, creative, versatile.....he and she has roamed the earth and produced a planet full of exciting things, amidst a complex of so-called nature that he has managed to unravel, understand and utilise.

For example, he produced power from splitting the atom, and invented electrictiy. He now understands radiowaves, microwaves, sound waves, magnetism, gravity, wind and water as sources of power, means of communication and more in a greater functional way. His invention of the computer, electronics and the camera, telephone is amazing!!!


What a species !!! His nearest cousin....the monkey remains miserably jumping from branch to branch. What a huge gap in development, for those who think....e v o l u t i o n.

I mean, seriously can it be??

Interestingly though, we belong to one species...white, black, yellow, brown......purple.....and yet, man fights each other and kills each other over race, religion, resources, ideology and more.

Man can be evil, destructive and cruel.......and even sick....when you think of pedophiles, and other blood-thirsty ones.

If there is no governing forces UPSTAIRS in the HEAVENLIES, the earth and man would be doomed, from the mad minds of mankind.

Think about that. If I may say, "Thanks be to God", even for those who do not believe in GOD, He is around monitoring the situation!!

What now? Well, there is still hope for easily half the globe believe in a Maker....more perhaps....but all the fighting and struggles against each other takes us no where nearer the Maker. And He will not be silent forever. It seems a long time....His Silence....but no , He does speak to many.



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